Extrait de Parfum Organique

- Luce di Segantini -


From the Idea to the Perfume

„Ave Maria a trasbordo“ (1886)

Inspired by my grandfather’s words and the light emanating from his painting, “Ave Maria,” the goal was to create a precious scent consisting of the natural essences of violets, dog rose, and the gleaming light of the coniferous Engadin forests.

The path from my first notion to the perfume was indeed arduous, at times challenging like a mountain climb. However, each time an objective was achieved, it was indescribable and unforgettable. I knew that ultimately the perfume made from the purest natural ingredients would be beyond description.
I was destined to meet Beate Nagel and her Art Parfum: She had ordered my book, “Giovanni Segantini aus Schriften und Briefen,“ because she was thrilled by Segantini and wanted to read his texts. Beate Nagel makes perfume from the purest natural ingredients. Thanks to her know-how and my idea the perfume came about.

The search for a beautiful flask became a true odyssey. At one point I thought of my cousin’s ingenious and perfectly elegant engines. Sad as it was though, Bugatti did not design perfume bottles. Countless travels and infinite web searches touched upon Colani, master of the line, and then led to my flask for the truly amazing scent – LUCE DI SEGANTINI.

At that point, we lacked only the packaging that would suit the scent and be a worthy container. I selected a small company located in an untouched environment and, in tandem with the owner, developed the crowning receptacle for the fragrance that is so substantially inspired by my grandfather’s life-long profound influence.

Gioconda Segantini


Available in two variations:

LUCE DI SEGANTINI was initially produced in a limited, signed edition of 99 flacons.‬
The price per unit is € 210.00.

LUCE DI SEGANTINI „Parfum organique“
The price per unit is 120,00 €

More information about Segantini, may be obtained under  www.segantini.com

„… But then, Signora, this wild nature is beautiful, beautiful in its youth, with its scent of violets and dog roses and its strong aroma of coniferous forests.“

Giovanni Segantini (1858 – 1899) is also called the painter of light‬‬